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Pele is the Hawaiian Goddess of fire and the volcano. She is also known as "She Who Shapes the Sacred Land", and is viewed as the embodiment of Divine Creative Power; it is She who is credited with the creation of the Hawaiian Islands. Aligned with the volcanoes, She is sometimes associated with destruction and violence. She is a volatile Goddess who can be both benevolent and malevolent...and appears as a hag or a young woman. She is the daughter of the Earth Goddess, Haumea, and during Her childhood it is said that She was always fascinated with fires. This made Her sister, the Sea Goddess, Namaka, very angry; there are many tales about their conflicts...especially after Pele had played with underground fires and caused large blazes to break out. It was because of this constant feuding between Her daughters, Pele's mother decided that it was time for Pele to find a home of Her own.

Pele, and several of Her sisters came to Hawaii on a boat, and She created the Hawaiian Islands by causing the volcanoes under the sea to erupt. All the while, Namaka continued to pursue Pele, always interrupting Her travels with treacherous and turbulent waves, sending blizzards to extinguish Pele's flames. The two sisters fought some pretty furious battles; Eventually, Pele was killed and turned Herself into an immortal in by transforming Herself into steam and leaping into the volcano...And even though She now lives inside Her volcanoes, Her energy and Spirit cannot be contained.

Pele is one of the few Goddesses whom the Hawaiians still revere. Her volcano is Mount Kilauea; it is here that She receives the souls of the dead and regenerates them with fire. She, being a jealous Goddess, is very protective of Her territory. She has been know to punish those who dare to steal stones from Her sacred places, and it is said that when She stamps Her foot in anger, the earth shakes and the lava flows. The only way to calm Her is by leaving Her offerings such as fish, flowers, or fruit. Some even leave Her bottles of gin. She is said to be seen by visitors to the Hawaiian volcanoes as a wise old woman who asks for a cigarette, then just as quickly, disappears.

Pele's energy can be an inspiration to us because it helps us to understand our outbursts of rage and know that they will calm. Pele shows us that volatile energy is important, life-giving, and creative, but it needs to have focus. As "She Who Shapes the Land", Pele reminds us of our own creative powers, that we are constantly creating and shaping our lives with the powerful energies that we project through our thoughts, beliefs, and imagination. She sets fire to the belief that women are weak and helpless, and Her gifts to us are confidence and courage;

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