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Eveningstar of Wakaranga is a Rhodesian goddess who gave birth to animal life after making love with the Moon (a masculine figure in this myth) She shares her responsibilities with Morningstar, her sister, who is the creator of plant life. In this myth, the Moon and Eveningstar come together, and after they made love, she gave birth to the cows, sheep, and other farm animals. After they made love the second time, she gave birth to the birds of the sky and the wild animals. After the third time, human children were born. But, according to the tale, at this point, the Moon had been told that he cannot sleep with her again, but Moon ignores the warning. This time Eveningstar gives birth to all of the dangerous animals.

Now, the Moon becomes frightened and leaves her alone; choosing instead to turn his attention to their beautiful daughters. The jealous Eveningstar sends one of her snakes to bite him, and the Moon becomes very ill. Afterward, the Moon became ill and soon thereafter, the land also became ill and was plagued by famine and drought, and all of the the crops were failing. The people decide it is the Moon's fault that there is no food or water and the cattle are dying. They capture him, strangle him, and then throw his body into the ocean. But, to this day, Moon continues to rise from the ocean and chase Eveningstar across the sky.

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