Ibo Goddess Ala  

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ALA is the Ibo Goddess of the earth. The Ibo people of Nigeria call her the mother of all things, but she is both the fertile earth and the empty field after the harvest. She is present at the beginning of the cycle of life, making children grow in their mother's womb, and she is there at the end of the cycle, to receive the souls of the dead into her own womb. Ala also gives laws to the people, emphasizing the importance of honesty and respect. Temples to Ala called mbari are built in the center of villages, and contain a mud statue of Ala which is then painted in bright colors. These statues usually show Ala with a long torso and long thick neck, which are considered to be signs of beauty among the Ibo. She is joined by other deities and animals. Ala is also known as ALE, ALLA, and ANE.

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