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Rudra is a Rigvedic God, associated with wind or storm, and the hunt. The name has been translated as "The Roarer", or "The Howler". Rudra, Lord Shiva, Indian God There are varied meaning of the word 'Rudra'. The theonym Shiva originates as an epithet of Rudra, the adjective shiva "kind" being used euphemistically of the god who in the Rigveda also carries the epithet ghora "terrible". Usage of the epithet came to exceed the original theonym and by the post-Vedic period, the name Rudra is taken as a synonym for the god Shiva and the two names are used interchangeably.

Rudra is believed to be the name of Lord Shiva, one of the five great lords or faces of Shiva. Rudra occurs in the Rig Veda as one of the inferior gods. Rudra is also the god of the storm, the wind, and the hunt.

The Sanskrit name Rudra is derived from the `rud` or `to cry, howl`. Rudra also means the Red, the Brilliant. It also means to shine. Rudra is connected with `Raudra` which means wild, that`s why Rudra is related with lord Shiva, the Fierce God. Rudra is called `the Archer` and the arrow is an essential attribute of Rudra.

Rudra is used both as a name of Shiva and as a group, the Rudras, the name for the Maruts. The Maruts are associated with the atmosphere and personified as the storm gods. They are a group of gods about eleven to thirty-three in number.

The Rudras are occasionally referred to as `the sons of Rudra`. Rudra is referred to as `Father of the Maruts`. Many hymns in Rig Veda are dedicated to Rudra. He is placed as a frightening god fierce like a formidable wild beast.

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