Goddess Meretseger  

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Goddess Meretseger Image
MERETSEGER is the Egyptian Goddess of the mountain overlooking the Valley of the Kings. Her name means "she who loves silence", signifying the quiet of the region, occupied only by the dead. Meretseger was responsible for protecting the tombs, and she would appear in the form of a snake or a scorpion, the only creatures that lived in the desert region, to poison or blind anyone who tried to rob the tombs. She was feared and worshipped by the workmen who built the royal tombs, who also called her DEHENET-IMENTET, "the peak of the West". She is depicted as a coiled serpent, a rearing cobra, a snake-headed woman, or sometimes as a scorpion with a woman's head. Meretseger's name is also seen as MERTSEGER, MERESEGER, and MERSEGER.

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