Goddess Lamatu  

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LAMAsTU is an Akkadian demon Goddess. She preyed on pregnant women, causing them to miscarry and then taking their babies. She also caused childhood diseases, and would steal breastfeeding babies from their mothers. She is usually depicted with a lion's head and a hairy body; bare breasted, a dog and a pig feed at her breasts. Lamastu also caused disease, poisoned rivers, brought nightmares, and drank the blood of her victims. Her name means "she who erases" and is also seen as LAMASHTU.

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Goddess Beag  

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BEAG (pronounced BEG) is the Irish Goddess of the well of wisdom. She is one of the Tuatha de Danaan, the people of the Goddess Danu. She and her three daughters guarded a magical well; anyone who drank from the well would gain in wisdom. When the hero Fionn Mac Cumhail came and asked for a drink, Beag's daughters threw water at him, hoping to frighten him away, but some of the water fell in his mouth, granting him the wisdom he had sought. When Fionn died, he was buried in a fairy hill called Si Beag, which means "small fairy hill."

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