Goddess Kermeese  

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Monday's Goddess~ Weiben Frauen
Themes~ Banishing; Blessing; Joy; Protection; Fertility; Divination Symbols~ Any Sacred Symbol; Forest Items; White

About Weiben Frauen~ Known as "White Woman" of the German forests, this goddess is said to have been worshipped by ancient pagans and witches where she lived--in the woods. In later times, people looked to her to predict the future, help with matters of fertility, and protect the land.

To Do Today ~ This unique festival dates back to pagan worship of the grove goddess (and pagan gatherings in the woodlands). Traditionally, some type of sacred symbol is dug up and carried around town to renew blessings and happiness in all who see it. The ritual also banishes evil influences. To follow this custom, plant a white stone or token in a flowerpot, garden, or lawn this year, and next year dig it up temporarily to release White Woman's power. At the end of the day, return the token to the earth so she can protect your home or land and fill every corner of it with magic. Repeat this annually to continue the cycle!

Wear something white today to invite Weiben Frauen's protection on the figurative land of your spirit, and spend some time in the company of trees at some point. Meditate on the pagans, who weaved magic in such places, and on this goddess, who empowered the spells. As you do, listen closely to the voices of the trees and see if they have a message for you.

From "365 Goddess", by Patricia Telesco

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Polemos (mean "war") the Daemon god of war, and the father of Alala, goddess of the war-cry. He was said to be a part of the company of war spirits which haunted the battlefield. They include his daughter Alala, the Makhai, the Hysminai, the Androktasiae, the Phonoi, Enyo, Eris, Ares, and the Keres

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Goddess Eguzki  

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EGUZKI is the Basque Goddess of the sun. She is the daughter of Lur, the Goddess of the earth, and sister of Ilazki, Goddess of the moon. Traveling across the sky, she protects the world from the creatures of the night. Her name is also seen as EGUSKI, EGUZKU, EKHI, EKI, IDUZKI, IGUZKI, and IUSKI.

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