Greek Naiad Aigina  

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Greek Naiad Aigina Cover
AIGINA (pronounced AY-gih-na) is one of the Greek Naiades. The Naiades were generally thought to be daughters of an Okeanid mother (the 3000 daughters of Tethys and Okeanos, Goddesses of fresh water sources) and a Potamoi father (the 3000 sons of Tethys and Okeanos, Gods of the rivers); in Aigina's case, her father was Asopos, God of the River Asopos in Boeotia, but her mother Metope was another Naiad. Aigina happened to catch the eye of Zeus, who abducted her and took her to an island named Oinone. She had a son named Aiakos, and he became the king of the island, renaming it Aigina after his mother. Aigina had another son, Menoitios, by the mortal Aktor, and through her two sons she was related to two of the main characters in Homer's "Iliad"--Akhilleus (son of Peleus, son of Aiakos) and Patroklos (son of Menoitios). Aigina's name is also seen as AEGINA.

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