Goddess Ninsun  

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NINSUN is the Sumerian Goddess of dreams and cows. Married to King Lugalbanda, she is the mother of the hero Gilgamesh, who was said to be two-thirds divine (from his Goddess mother) and one-third human (from his mortal father). She is also the mother of Dumuzi by the God Enki. Ninsun assists Gilgamesh by interpreting his dreams for him, and she also adopts his companion, Enkidu, as her own son. Epithets for Ninsun, mostly from The Epic of Gilgamesh, include "AUGUST COW", "LADY WILD COW", "WILD COW OF THE ENCLOSURE", and "THE GREAT QUEEN". Her name is also seen as NINSUNA and RIMAT-NINSUN.

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Goddess Vlusp  

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V"oLUSP'a is the Norse Goddess of wisdom and prophecy. She is the seer or v"olva who tells Odin the story of how the world was created, and how it would come to its end. She is not named in the poem, and subsequent tellings have given her the name of her work, which means "the v"olva's prophecy."

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