Goddess Tlachtga  

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TLACHTGA (pronounced CLACK-da) is the Irish Goddess of Druid magic. She travelled extensively with her father, the blind Druid Mog Ruith of Munster. While they were in Italy, she was raped by the three sons of her father's mentor, Simon Magus. That fall, at the time of the Samhain festival, Tlachtga gave birth to three sons, Doirb, Cumma and Muach, on a hill in County Meath and died in the process. She was buried on the hill, and it became the center of Celtic Samhain celebrations after her death. Tlachtga's name, which means "earth spear," is also seen as TLACHTA.

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Goddess Rafu Sen  

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RAFU-SEN is the Japanese Goddess of plum blossoms. She is portrayed as a maiden who wanders in the forest at night, with the scent of the blossoms surrounding her. Her name, which means "buoyant subtlety," is also seen as RAFUSNE.

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