Goddess Prithvi  

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Goddess Prithvi Image
PRITHVI is the Hindu Goddess of the Earth. She is the consort of Dyaus, God of the Sky, and the mother of Indra. In one myth, a demon took Prithvi to the bottom of the cosmic ocean and held her captive there. Varaha, an avatar of the God Vishnu in the form of a boar, rescued her and restored her to her rightful place (that's her on his shoulder in the picture). Prithvi sometimes takes the form of a cow, and the first milk from every cow is offered to her. Her name means "earth," and is also seen as PRTHVI or PRTHIVI. Other names include DHRA, DHARTI, DHRITHRI (that which holds everything), PRITHVI TATTWA (the essence of the element earth), and PRITHVI MATA (Mother Earth).

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