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Opochtli Cover
In Aztec mythology, Opochtli was a god of hunting and fishing. Opochtli, also known as ‘the Left Handed One’ or ‘He Who Divides the Waters’, was the god of those who made their living in the lakes and marshes of the Valley of Mexico, particularly the southern part of the basin. As such, he is credited with the invention of items associated with fishing and hunting waterfowl, in particular the atlatl and harpoon.

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San La Muerte  

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San La Muerte Cover
San La Muerte (Saint Death) is a religious figure who is venerated in Paraguay, the Northeast of Argentina and southern Brazil. As the result of internal migration in Argentina since the 1960s veneration of San La Muerte has been extended to Greater Buenos Aires and the national prison system as well. Saint Death is depicted as a male skeleton figure usually holding a scythe. Although the Catholic Church has attacked the cult of Saint Death as a pagan tradition contrary to the Christian belief of Christ defeating death, many people consider the veneration of San La Muerte as being part of their Catholic faith. Although the rituals connected to and powers ascribed to San La Muerte are very similar San La Muerte should not be confused with the similar religious figure Santa Muerte that is venerated in Mexico and parts of the US, but is typically depicted by a female skeleton figure.

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