Goddess Kali  

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Goddess Kali Cover
She was born on the battlefield, to kill an unstoppable foe the gods dreaded. Not only did Kali enjoy drinking his blood, she destroyed him and all other demons present. Her ecstatic dancing can get out of hand, and she even trampled her future husband.

Although connected to some dark groups such as the Thugees, she is most often seen as a loving and protective mother. Anyone can appeal to Kali for help and she will listen. Keep in mind though that if she sees a request as evil she will act against you.

That pretty necklace she always wears is made out of demon heads. But as you can see, she likes pretty flowers too. In the future her dancing is said to be set to destroy the physical world and make way for a spiritual one.

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The Charge Of The Dark Goddess  

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The Charge Of The Dark Goddess Image
Listen to the words of the Dark Mother, who of old was called Hecate, Nuit, Morrigan, Banba, Erda, Macha, MotherNight, Sekhmet, and many other names:

Whenever you seek wisdom, at the time of the Darkening Moon, come together in love and trust and learn of Me, who am the Wisest of Crones...Ye who search the mysteries of the Earth, the secrets of Air and Darkness, of Blood and Fire, the silence of the uttermost stars, come unto me, and I shall whisper to you in the depths of midnight.

Ye shall approach Me in silence, and as a sign that ye are free from fear, your breast you shall bare to My blade...for fear has no place in My mysteries, and that which you seek of me will destroy you if you fear it.

For I am the dolmen arch beyond which stretch the mysteries of infinity. I am the silence before birth and after death. I am the clouded mirror in which you scry your own soul. I am mist in the twilight, the vast and starry sky of midnight, shadows on the Moon.

All things come to Me in the end, and yet I am the beginning of all. I meet you at the crossroads, I lead you through the darkness, My hand you grasp in the passage between the worlds. To those that toy with Me am I an instrument of self-destruction. yet to the true seeker do I bring knowledge beyond mortal comprehension.

Of you shall I demand the utter truth of all that you are, and in return shall I give you all that you may be, all that I am. For My wisdom is beyond the Ages, and knowledge of My Secrets is power over self, over fear, over death. Nor do I demand aught of you which you cannot give. For I am the Mother of Mysteries, and as you know Me, so shall you learn to know yourself.

" source: The Gay "

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