Greek Goddess Thalassa  

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Greek Goddess Thalassa Image
THALASSA is the Greek Goddess of the sea, not to be confused with Tethys, Goddess of the ocean. Thalassa is the daughter of Hemera, Goddess of the day, and Aither, God of light. Along with her husband Pontos, God of the sea, she is the mother of the Telkhines, sea demons who have flippers for hands but the head of a dog. Thalassa is also the mother of all the fish in the sea, and is sometimes thought of as the mother of Aphrodite, who was born from the sea foam which formed around the genitals of Ouranos, husband of Gaia, after he had been castrated by their son Kronos. She and Pontos were eventually supplanted as Goddess and God of the sea by Amphitrite and Poseidon. Thalassa's name, which means "the sea," is also seen as THALATTA or THALATH.

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