Goddess Gerd  

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GERD is the Norse Goddess of fertile soil. She is a giantess, and was described as being very beautiful. When her future husband Freyr, twin brother of Freyja, first saw her, he likened her to a sunbeam among shadows, so great was her beauty. Freyr, who was the God of light and fertility, sent a messenger to woo Gerd for him, but she did not want to leave her home to marry the God. The messenger offered her golden apples and a magical ring, but this did not sway her. He threatened to cut off her head, but she was not afraid. Only when he threatened her with a curse that would leave her alone and desolate on a dark mountaintop did she relent. Gerd agreed to meet Freyr in nine days, and they were married. Gerd's name means "enclosure" and is also seen as GERDA or GERdR.

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