Baba Yaga  

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Baba Yaga Cover
Once a widely respected and beloved crone goddess our Baba loved to hunt down evil folk. She'd fly in her magical cauldron scooping up evil people who had nowhere to hide from her powerful magic. She was a loving mother and goddess help you if you hurt a woman or child.

Besides her other duties she could create storms, or produce food for her people. Feasts days in her honor showed all the good things she gave us humans, as well as reminding folk that everything must die but would be reborn or go back to nature in her cauldron.

Decent folk had nothing to fear from her and as a kindness she often took them quickly when severe illness set in. People looked forward to meeting her because she had an afterworld stocked better than your grandmother's candy drawer. She could also grant good health and often did so.

But as people began to fear death and renounce the dead they came to fear this sweet old crone who wanted nothing more than to help them move on.

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