Goddess Quiritis  

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QUIRITIS is the Sabine Goddess of protection. The Sabines were another of the pre-Roman peoples of central Italy. Quiritis watched over the clans of the Sabines and was also worshipped by the nearby Faliscans. She also protected mothers and married women. Quiritis' name, which means "spear," is also seen as CURITIS, and it was under this name that she was later assimilated with the Roman Goddess Juno. A temple to Juno Curitis was located on the Campus Martius in Rome, where the "quirite" or spearmen trained.

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Goddess Tootega  

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Goddess Tootega Image
TOOTEGA (pronounced TU-te-gah) is the Inuit Goddess of boats and sea travel. She appears as a little old woman, and she has the ability to walk on the water.

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