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The Greek Goddess, Hestia, represents purity, sincerity, sanctity and safety. She is the daughter of Zeus and Rhea and a sister of Zeus. She is the Goddess who ruled over the hearth, which was considered to be a sacred place, and the central fire of every Greek household and governed harmony and well being of the Greek homes. Women who are inspired by Her prefer the uncomplicated and contented life that she brings. It is a life that simply beckons you "to be". Hestia was a virginal goddess who devoted all of her time and efforts to looking after the homes and the families of Greek society.

In Greek art, Hestia was usually depicted in a pose of immobility. This can be very relevant to us in the modern world when we become 'stuck in a rut' while striving to reach our goals. We can tend to allow ourselves to become far too focused on a situation, thus, allowing it to devour our every waking moment...and we are then in danger of becoming paralysed by our obsession and fear to move on. Or, we may become so absorbed in our work, that we cannot imagine living any other way.

But, there will come a time when we finally reach the point where we can voice our need to break away from the situation. And it is at this time that we can ask for Hestia's assistance to act on our wish. So if the thought of a quiet and uncomplicated life seems very attractive to you, it is indeed the time to break from your obsessive patterns and establish new, healthy ones that nurture your body, mind, and spirit. You'll be surprised how quickly you can adapt to a more inspirational life.

Hestia, thou who tends the holy house
Of Lord Apollo, Pythian, Shooting far,
Thou having hair that drips with silky oil.
Approaching this house and enter, of one mind,
With all-wise Zeus; and for my song grant grace.

(Homeric Hymn)

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