Maria Makiling  

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Maria Makiling, sometimes spelled Mariang Makiling, in Philippine Mythology, is a diwata or lambana (fairy or forest nymph) associated with Mount Makiling in Laguna, Philippines. She is the most widely known diwata in Philippine Mythology. Similar to Maria Sinukuan of Pampanga's Mount Arayat and Maria Cacao of Cebu's Mount Lantoy, Maria Makiling is a guardian of the mountain, responsible for protecting its bounty and thus, is also a benefactor for the townspeople who depend on the mountain's resources. In addition to being a guardian of the mountain, some legends also identify Laguna de Bay - and the fish caught from it - as part of her domain. It is often said that Mount Makiling resembles the profile of a woman, said to be Maria herself. This phenomenon is described as true from several different perspectives, so there is no single location associated with this claim. The mountain's various peaks are said to be Maria's face and two breasts, respectively, and her hair cascades downwards a gentle slope away from her body.

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Kydoimos Cover
Kydoimos or Cydoemus was the god or spirit of the din of battle, confusion, uproar and hubbub. He was probably one of the Makhai (daimones of the battlefield). He was virtually identical to Homados "battle noise".

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Makara Jyothi  

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Makara Jyothi Cover
Makarajyoti is a celestial star which is worshipped by the pilgrims. The main worshipping rituals are performed at the day of Makara Sankaranthi (every 14 January) day. It draws the second largest number of pilgrims in the country. The devotees believe that witnessing the light brings them good luck and divine blessings. The Makara Jyothi marks the climax of the Makaravilakku season of Sabarimala pilgrimage lasting 41 days.

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