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Morrigan Cover
Irish goddess of death on the battlefield, she would swoop in crow or raven form after battles to claim her prizes. She was both feared and revered, and today still is. Not accepting her love is not a good idea. When one such man, a hero, did so, he then went so far as to wound her in anger. Needless to say Morrigan cawed happily on his dead shoulder whence he was slain in battle.

Today newagers, pagans and witches alike seek her help in many venues. She is a skilled warrior and can help win in battles. So many enlisted pagans now serving our country feel safe with her protection. She seems very fond of witches or anyone who researches funerary arts.

Remember the people of Ireland would be related however distant to Germans and French (all three bloodlines were at one time part of a larger single entity) so she may very well be an ancestral goddess for you.

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