Goddess Waset  

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WASET is an Egyptian Goddess who personified the city of Thebes. Her name, sometimes written as WASRET or WOSRET, means "the powerful female one". She was often depicted with a bow, arrows, and an axe, symbolizing the military might of her city of Thebes. She can be recognized by her headdress, which consists of a sceptre with a feather on top.

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Goddess Yunga Mana  

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YUNG'A MANA is the Hopi Kachina of the Soyohim ceremony. She carries a basket filled with prickly pear and a pair of tongs to lift them out. Her mate, Yung'a, is the Kachina who is responsible for ensuring that the springs that come from the earth are kept clean, in anticipation of the growing season. Yung'a Mana's name, which means "cactus maiden," is also seen as YUNA MANA, YUNGA MANA, YUNYA MANA, and NAVUK'CHINA MANA.

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Sacred Trees Of Greece  

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Trees also figure prominently in the culture and mythology of Ancient Greece. Pausanias [see BIBLIOGRAPHY] describes the sacred groves of Aesculapius at Epidaurus (II, 27. 1), of Argus in Laconia (III, 4. 1), and a sacred grove of plane-trees at Lerna (II, 38, 1, 2, 8). In the land of Colophon in Ionia was a grove of ash-trees sacred to Apollo (VII, 5. 10), and a sacred grove at Lycosura included an olive-tree and an evergreen oak growing from the same root (VIII, 37. 10). Perhaps the most famous grove, of plane-trees, was that sacred to Zeus, known as the Altis, at Olympia (V, 27. 1, 11).

The oak tree was also sacred to Zeus, especially the tree at the sanctuary of Zeus in Dodona which also served as an oracle; it would seem the rustling of the leaves was regarded as the voice of Zeus and the sounds interpreted by priestesses. The oak was also sacred to Pan [see Pausanias BIBLIOGRAPHY], while the myrtle-tree was sacred to Aphrodite. In the Pandrosium near the temple known as the Erechtheum (421-405 BCE) on the Athenian Acropolis, besides many other signs and remains of Athens' mythical past -- a salt-water well [cf. Water and the Sacred] and a mark in the shape of Poseidon's trident in a rock -- could also be seen a living olive tree sacred to the goddess Athena.

In several Greek myths, women and men are frequently transformed into trees: Atys into a pine tree, Smilax into a yew, and Daphne into the laurel, which was sacred to Apollo.

In numerous cases the spirit of trees is personified, usually in female form. In Ancient Greece, the Alseids were nymphs associated with groves (alsos, grove), while the Dryads were forest nymphs who guarded the trees. Sometimes armed with an axe, Dryads would punish anyone harming the trees. Crowned with oak-leaves, they would dance around the sacred oaks. The Hamadryads were even more closely associated with trees, forming an integral part of them. In India, tree nymphs appear in the form of the voluptuous Vrikshaka.

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Paynal Cover
In Aztec mythology, Paynal was the impersonator and messenger of Huitzilopochtli. Paynal took on his master's attributes at official functions while Huitzilopochtli was trapped in the underworld or otherwise unavailable.

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