Goddess Tou Shen Niang Niang  

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Goddess Tou Shen Niang Niang Image
T'OU-SHEN NIANG NIANG is the Chinese Goddess of smallpox. She is one of several deities of the "Ministry of Medicine"; the Chinese organized their deities in parallel with their own government structures. T'ou-shen's four sons were also part of the ministry: Pan Shen had rule over fatal smallpox, Chen Shen over measles, Sha Shen over scarlet fever and chicken pox, and Ma Shen over pockmarks. T'ou-shen herself was said to particularly enjoy causing smallpox in beautiful young children, and children wore paper masks to bed to trick her into ignoring them. T'ou-shen's name is also seen as DOUSHEN NIANG NIANG, DOUIZHEN NIANG NIANG, and TOU-SHEN NIANG NIANG.

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