Goddess Nisaba  

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Goddess Nisaba Image
NISABA is the Sumerian Goddess of writing, accounting, and grain. She is the daughter of An and Urash, and sister of Ninsun. With her husband Haya, God of storehouses, she is the mother of the Goddess Sud, whose name was changed to Ninlil when she married Enlil, God of the air. Nisaba keeps the records of the Gods, and as the divine scribe she was especially worshipped by Sumerian scribes. She is depicted with long flowing hair, and her tiara features a crescent moon and ears of corn, since she was also associated with the harvest. Nisaba's name means "lady of the grain rations," which explains her combined roles as Goddess of grain and of accounting, and is also seen as NISSABA, NIDABA, NANIBGAL, and NUNBARSHEGUNU (lady whose body is dappled barley).

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