Goddess Hina Puku Ia  

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HINA-PUKU-I'A is the Hawaiian Goddess of seafood. Her husband, Ku'ula-kai, is a God of fish, as is their son, Ai-ai. Her sister, Hina-puku'ai, is the Goddess of vegetables. Hina-puku-i'a is one of the many forms of the Great Goddess Hina, and her name means "Hina gathering seafood."

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Goddess Heket  

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Goddess Heket Image
HEKET is an Egyptian Goddess of childbirth. She is depicted as a woman with a frog's head or as a frog itself, a symbol of life and fertility. Heket helps to form the child in the womb and then presides over the birth. Midwives were known as "servants of Heket". Variations on her name include HEQET, HEKA, and HEPAT.

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