Goddess Hina Ika  

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Goddess Hina Ika Image
HINA-IKA is the Hawaiian Goddess of fish. There are many forms of the Great Goddess Hina, and this is one. Her name means "lady of the fish", and she is the patron Goddess of fishermen. Her hair was so strong that her brother, Maui, once used it to make a fishing net.

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Goddess Cunina  

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Goddess Cunina Image
CUNINA is the Roman goddess of sleeping infants. She is charged with watching over infants in their cradles, protecting them as they sleep. She is the sister of Rumina, Goddess of breastfeeding, and Cuba, Goddess of children.

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Goddess Lenang Mana  

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Goddess Lenang Mana Image
LENANG MANA is the Hopi Kachina of spring water. She and Lenang, her male counterpart, appear at winter solstice and mark the beginning of the kachina season. Lenang plays a flute to draw water to the springs, allowing fertility to return to the land. Lenang Mana's name, which means "flute maiden," is also seen as LENYA MANA or LEHANG MANA.

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