Goddess Mayahuel  

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MAYAHUEL (pronounced ma-ha-KWEL) is the Aztec Goddess of fertility and of the maguey, an agave plant. As a fertility Goddess, Mayahuel is depicted with many breasts with which to feed her children, the the Centzontotochtli, or four hundred rabbits. The rabbits are responsible for the infinite kinds of drunkenness, Mayahuel's other area of influence. The maguey plant was used to make a fermented drink called pulque, forerunner to tequila.

According to legend, Mayahuel was originally mortal, and was the wife of a farmer. One day while in the agave patch, she saw a mouse who appeared to be drunk. She tried to scare it away, but it just laughed at her. Mayahuel noticed that the mouse had been drinking the juice of the agave plants, so she collected some juice to bring to her husband. The juice was set aside while Mayahuel and her husband finished their work, and it fermented. When they returned in the evening, they tasted it and were delighted with both the flavor and the effects. Mayahuel shared her discovery with the people of Mexico, who were so grateful that they made her a Goddess.

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Goddess Chalchiuhtlicue  

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Today's Goddess puts my total number of names up to 2500, one-quarter of the way to my goal! Also, you may have noticed that my shopping cart is gone--it blew up last week and I'm hoping it will be back up and running (new and improved!) by the middle of next week.

CHALCHIUHTLICUE (pronounced chal-chee-OOT-lee-kway) is the Aztec Goddess of all running water, including rain. She also ruled over fertility, as water was known to bring life to plants. She is the wife of the rain God Tlaloc, and rules over Tlalocan at his side. Tlalocan is the fourth layer of the heavens, the place to which those who died from phenomena associated with water, such as drowning, went in the afterlife. One day, Chalchiuhtlicue, looking at the evils in the world, began to cry--her tears streamed across the land as a giant flood to cleanse the world. She created a rainbow bridge to save those who gained her favor.

Chalchiuhtlicue is usually depicted wearing a jade necklace, a crown of feathers, and with a skirt decorated with water lilies. Her name means "she who wears a jade skirt," and she was also known as MATLALCUEITL by the Tlaxcala, which means "she who wears a green skirt".

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The Grim Reaper  

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The Grim Reaper Cover
He rose to prominence during the plagues that killed most of the European population. Which only happened after the humans burned witches and cats I might add. He usually appears as a robed skeleton carrying a scythe, sickle or hourglass. He often wears robes, most usually black. However as different plagues would spread different versions almost brothers or servants of the grim reaper would appear.

It was thought he was both a symbolic warning on the shortness of life, and an actual being. Although the church was not fond of the idea, many artists would make some sort of painting or art in an effort to appease death. Many dances, folk tales, and offerings would grow around him to win his favor.

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