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Centeotl Cover
Centeotl (also known as Centeocihuatl or Cinteotl) is the masculine deity of maize. According to the Florentine Codex,, Centeotl is the son of the earth goddess, Toci, and god, Tlazolteotl. The majority of evidence gathered on Centeotl suggests that he is usually portrayed as a young man (although a debate is still ongoing), with yellow body colouration. Some specialists believe that Centeotl used to be the maize goddess Xilonen. Centeotl was considered one of the most important deities of the Aztec era. There are many common features that are shown in depictions of Centeotl. For example there often seems to be maize in his headdress. Another striking trait is the black line passing down his eyebrow, through his cheek and finishing at the bottom of his jaw line. These face markings are similarly and frequently used in the late post-classic depictions of a Mayan maize god.

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