The Charge Of The Goddess 2  

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The Charge Of The Goddess 2 Cover
"I am the quickening of the seed in Springtime, the glory of ripe fields in Summer, and the peace of the quiet woods as the snow calms the Earth in Winter. I am the lilt of the maidens' melody in the morning, the patient hand of the Mother and the deep river of the mysteries taught by moonlight.

I give the creatures of the earth the gifts of song rising from the heart, the joy of autumn sunset, the cool touch of the renewing waters, and the compelling call of the drum in the dance. To you I give the joy of creation and the companion of beauty to light your days.

By the powers of the steadfast Earth and the wheeling stars I charge thee; by the darkness of death and the white light of birth I charge thee; and by the terrible strength of your human spirits, I charge thee:

Strive always for the growth of your eternal soul, never intentionally diminish your strength, your compassion, your ties to the earth or your knowledge.

Challenge your mind, never accept complacently that which has been the standard merely for the reason that it is the standard by which the majority judges itself.

Thirdly, I charge thee, act always for the betterment of your brothers and sisters. To strengthen them is to forge the true chain of humanity, and a chain is only as strong as its weakest link.

You are my children, my brothers and sisters and my companions. You are known in great part by the company you keep, and you are strong and wise and full of the powers of life. It is yours to use them in my service, and I also, am known by the company I keep.

Go forth in joy and the light of my love, turning to me without fear when the darkness threatens to overcome you, and turning also to me to share your triumphs and your achievements, and know in your heart of hearts that we are together in blood and spirit 'til the last star darkens in the sky and winter comes to the universe."

(c) 1986, Kyri Comyn

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Sharra Itu  

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Sharra Itu Cover
Sharra Itu is a Sumerian fertility goddess, originally the tutelary deity of the city of Su-Sin. By Hellenistic times she had probably become the more important deity Sarrahitu who is included in the pantheon at Uruk and mentioned in various cult texts where she is described as "the bride". Presumably she was involved in a sacred marriage ceremony.

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Opochtli Cover
In Aztec mythology, Opochtli was a god of hunting and fishing. Opochtli, also known as ‘the Left Handed One’ or ‘He Who Divides the Waters’, was the god of those who made their living in the lakes and marshes of the Valley of Mexico, particularly the southern part of the basin. As such, he is credited with the invention of items associated with fishing and hunting waterfowl, in particular the atlatl and harpoon.

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San La Muerte  

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San La Muerte Cover
San La Muerte (Saint Death) is a religious figure who is venerated in Paraguay, the Northeast of Argentina and southern Brazil. As the result of internal migration in Argentina since the 1960s veneration of San La Muerte has been extended to Greater Buenos Aires and the national prison system as well. Saint Death is depicted as a male skeleton figure usually holding a scythe. Although the Catholic Church has attacked the cult of Saint Death as a pagan tradition contrary to the Christian belief of Christ defeating death, many people consider the veneration of San La Muerte as being part of their Catholic faith. Although the rituals connected to and powers ascribed to San La Muerte are very similar San La Muerte should not be confused with the similar religious figure Santa Muerte that is venerated in Mexico and parts of the US, but is typically depicted by a female skeleton figure.

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Grandpa Wenteyao  

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Grandpa Wenteyao Cover
Grandpa Wenteyao ("abuelito Huenteao" in Spanish, and also known as Grandpa Huenteao, Huenteyao, Huentellao, Huentreao, Wenteyao or Huentiao) is a mythical character very important in the Mapuche mythology, of the Huilliche culture. According to tradition, Grandpa Wenteyao is a spirit of an ancient Huilliche, which is considered as a mediator and messenger between the people Huilliche and the God Chaotroquin. It is also considered a protective spirit. His temple and "shelter" is a small rocky island, located in the coast of San Juan de la Costa in the Osorno Province, Chile.

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Goddess Lakshmi  

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Goddess Lakshmi Cover
Goddess Lakshmi,exists in the 8 forms, Ashta Lakshmi,granting boons to the devotees,who pray her.

Goddess Lakshmi follows Lord Vishnu in his incarnations.Lord Narasimha was very angry even after Demon Hiranyakashipan is killed.The Goddess Lakshmi makes Lord Narasimha calm saying that his devotee Prahlada is out of problems.Praying Lord Lakshmi Narasimha,gets the grace of Lord Lakshmi Narasimha. People pray Goddess Lakshmi for fortune,etc.They even pray by Lakshmi Yantra,which gives the fortune to the devotee. People pray Goddess Lakshmi by doing japa.

By performing Varalakshmi Vratha,the grace of Goddess Lakshmi can be obtained.

Pray to Goddess Lakshmi:

Pray Godess Lakshmi.The godess of purity,fortune,goodness,etc.
Pray Godess Lakshmi,for fortune,luck , strength etc.


By Sheela.Nagaraju.

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Roman Goddess Of Wisdom Minerva  

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Roman Goddess Of Wisdom Minerva Cover
The Roman goddess of wisdom, medicine, the arts, dyeing, science and trade, but also of war. As Minerva Medica she is the patroness of physicians. She is the daughter of Jupiter. In the temple on the Capitoline Hill she was worshipped together with Jupiter and Juno, with whom she formed a powerful triad of gods. Another temple of her was located on the Aventine Hill. The church of Santa Maria sopra Minerva is built on one of her temples. Every year from March 19th - 23rd the Quinquatria was held, the primary Minerva Festival. This festival was mainly celebrated by artisans but also by students. On June 13th the minor Quinquatrus was observed.

Minerva is believed to be the inventor of numbers and musical instruments. She is thought to be of Etruscan origin, as the goddess Menrva or Menerva. Later she was equated with the Greek Athena.

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