Goddess Kurukulla  

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KURUKULLA is the Tibetan Goddess of magic and enchantment. Tibetan Buddhism recognizes four types of magic: white magic or Shantika-karma (to calm and heal); black magic or Raudra-karma (to destroy evil and obstructions); yellow magic or Paushtika-karma (to increase wealth, merit, and knowledge); and red magic or Vashya-karma (to bring others under one's power). It is this last that Kurukulla rules. She can be called upon to subdue and bewitch humans and demons, for purposes both spiritual and mundane. She is invoked by rejected lovers, those embarking on business ventures, and politicians.

Kurukulla is usually depicted as a beautiful sixteen year old girl, because sixteen is a number that signifies perfection. She has red skin, three eyes, and four arms. She holds a bow and arrow covered with flowers, symbolizing her ability to ensnare lovers. She dances upon the body of a dead man, showing the power she wields. Her name means "she who is the cause of knowledge" and is also seen as KURUKULLE. Her usual form is also known as UDDIYANA KURUKULLA, "the Kurukulla who comes from Uddiyana"; her association with the red form of the Goddess Tara gives her the name TARODBHAVA KURUKULLA, "the Kurukulla who arises from Tara"; ASHTABHUJA KURUKULLA is a form with eight arms; and there is also a two-armed form known as SHUKLA KURUKULLA.

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