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Pincoya Cover
The Pincoya is, according to local mythology, a female "water spirit" of the Chilotan Seas. The Pincoya is said to have long blond hair, be of incomparable beauty, be cheerful and sensual, and rise from the depths of the sea.

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Goddess Tukwinong Mana  

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Goddess Tukwinong Mana Image
TUKWINONG MANA is the Hopi Goddess of clouds. She is the kachina who appears in the Shalako Ceremony, a dance that occurs after the last harvest of the year. Tukwinong Mana carries a tray of cornmeal divided into four colors, representing the clouds of the four directions. Her legs and hands are smeared with mud from the spring of the village where the dance occurs. As the representative of the clouds, she listens to and answers prayers for rain. Her name, which means "cumulus cloud girl," is also seen as TUKWUNAG KACHIN-MANA.

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