Goddess Mehet Weret  

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MEHET-WERET is the Egyptian Goddess of streaming waters. She was associated with the Nile and its floods on earth, as well as the Nile that was thought to flow in the underworld and the Nile in the sky (the Milky Way). Mehet-Weret helped the dead be reborn into the afterlife by guiding them on the river. She also was said to give birth to the sun every morning, which is why she was often depicted wearing a headdress with the sun disk between her horns. She was usually depicted as a cow lying on a reed mat, or as a woman with a cow's head. Mehet-Weret's name, which means "great flood," is also seen as MEHETWERET, MEHITWERET, MEHIT-WERET, MEHITWER, MEHTURT, MEHURT, MEHET-URET, METHYER, MEHUERET, and MEH-URT, and the titles LADY OF HEAVEN AND EARTH and THE GREAT COW IN THE WATER were used to honor her.

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Japanese Goddess Amaterasu  

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Japanese Goddess Amaterasu Image
AMATERASU (pronounced AH-mah-tay-RAH-soo) is the Japanese Shinto sun Goddess, whose name means "she who shines in the heavens". She is the most important Goddess in the Shinto pantheon, having invented the cultivation of rice, the use of silkworms, and the art of weaving. Her most famous myth involves her brother, Susanoo, God of storms. One day, Susanoo, in a drunken rage, destroyed Amaterasu's rice fields, palace, and shrines, and killed several of her handmaidens. In her anger, Amaterasu shut herself away in a cave. Without the sun, all life on earth began to wither and die. The Japanese deities gathered outside of her cave and made plans to get her to come out. After setting up a mirror across from the cave, the Goddess Ame-no-Uzume began to dance. When the other Gods began to laugh and cheer, Amaterasu peeked out of her cave to see what was going on. Seeing herself in the mirror for the first time, she was amazed at her own beauty and stood entranced. The Gods persuaded her to remain out of the cave to share her beauty with the world. She consented, and continues to shine on us all.

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Ahola Mana  

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AHOLA MANA is the Hopi Kachina of the Soyal Ceremony, celebrated at the winter solstice. The ceremony is intended to turn the sun back from its winter course and bring life back to the land. Ahola Mana and her associated male Kachina, Ahola, travel from house to house and mark the outer walls with corn meal. The women of the house take seeds from the basket that Ahola Mana holds. Her name means "divine germination maiden."

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Apri (apri) in Sanskrit means "conciliation, propitiation" and refers to special invocations spoken previous to the offering of oblations. RV 1.13 is known as the Apri-hymn of the Kanvas, and Sayana in the context of this hymn enumerates twelve Apris propitiating twelve deities, also known as Apris. These are deified objects belonging to the fire sacrifice of Vedic religion, the fuel, the sacred grass, the enclosure, etc. The Apris are all regarded as different manifestations of Agni.

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