Greek Goddess Keto  

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KETO is the Greek Goddess of sea monsters and large sea creatures, such as whales and sharks. She is the daughter of Gaia, Goddess of the earth, and Pontos, God of the sea, and is the sister-wife of Phorkys, God of the dangers of the sea. As befits such fearsome parents, the children of Keto and Phorkys were truly horrors--the Gorgons (Medousa, Sthenno, and Euryale--winged sea demons with serpents for hair, whose gaze could turn a person or creature to stone); the Graiai (Pemphredo, Enyo, and Deino--three gray-skinned sea demons who shared a single eye and a single tooth between them); Ekhidna (a half-woman half-dragon sea monster); Skylla (a sea monster with six dog heads and twelve feet); and Ladon (the hundred-headed dragon that guarded the golden apples of the Hesperides). Keto's name, which means "sea monster," is also seen as CETO, and other names for her include LAMIA (shark), TRIENOS (three times), and KRATAIIS (of the rocks), also spelled KRATAEIS or CRATAEIS.

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Greek Goddess Khaos  

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KHAOS is the Greek Goddess of the air. There are two schools of thought as to how she came into existence--either she was the first being (in the beginning, there was only chaos), or she is the daughter of Ananke and Khronos, two of the primeval Gods. In the first instance, Khaos created Erebos (God of darkness), Nyx (Goddess of the night), Aither (God of light), and Hemera (Goddess of the day). In the second, she is the sister of Erebos and Aither. Either way, Khaos represented the empty misty air in between the earth and the heavens. Her name, which means "the gap" or "the chasm," is also seen as KHAEOS, CHAOS, or CHAEUS.

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