Goddess Taweret  

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TAWERET is the Egyptian hippopotamus Goddess of pregnancy and childbirth, whose name means "the great female one". She was a very popular domestic Goddess, and was often portrayed on beds, pillows, and other common household objects. Taweret protects women throughout their pregnancies, and assists with labor. She is the consort of the dwarf Bes, God of Pleasure. Her depiction as a hippopotamus with the large breasts and belly of a pregnant woman, combined with the head of a crocodile and the feet of a lion, shows both her nurturing and protective roles. Other forms of her name include TAUERET, TAURT, and TAOURIS.

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Goddess Gefjon  

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GEFJON (pronounced GEF-yon) is the Norse Goddess of fertile ground and virgins. Yes, contradictory, but she is a Goddess and normal rules don't always apply. The predominant myth about her is from a ninth century poem by Bragi the Old and was retold by Snorri Sturluson in the thirteenth century. He relates how Odin had sent Gefjon out to look for more land, and she came to the court of King Gylfi of Sweden. She entertained the king, and in return he gave her a grant of as much land as four oxen could plough in one day and one night. Gefjon went to the land of the giants where she had four sons with a giant. She turned the four sons into oxen and brought them back to King Gylfi. They dug up so much earth that they created a lake, Lake M"alaren, and the earth that they had dug they dumped into the sea where it formed an island, Zealand, which is now part of Denmark. Gefjon then moved to the island and married Odin's son Skj"old, and their children became the royal family of Denmark.

Elsewhere in his works, Snorri Sturluson refers to Gefjon as a virgin Goddess, although the trickster God Loki claims that this is not true. Gefjon is one of Frigg's handmaidens, and she in turn is served by women who died as virgins. Her name means "giver" and is also seen as GEFION, GEFJUN, or GEBJUN.

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Maruts Cover
The Maruts, also known as the Marutgana and the Rudras, are storm deities and sons of Rudra and Diti and attendants of Indra. The number of Maruts varies from two to sixty (three times sixty in RV 8.96.8). They are very violent and aggressive, described as armed with golden weapons i.e. lightning and thunderbolts, as having iron teeth and roaring like lions, as residing in the north, as riding in golden chariots drawn by ruddy horses. In the Vedic mythology, the Maruts, a troop of young warriors, are Indra's companions. According to French comparative mythologist Georges Dum'ezil, they are cognate to the Einherjar and the Wild hunt. According to the Ramayana, the Maruts' mother, Diti, either seven or seven times seven in number, hoped to give birth to a son who would be more powerful than Indra. She remained pregnant for one hundred years in hopes of doing so; Indra prevented it by throwing a thunderbolt at her and splintering the fetus into the many less powerful deities.

The Vedas speak of 108 Maruts, a devonic troop who assist Vayu with clouds and rain. When Indra offended them, Sage Agastya came to their aid. Indra attacked the fire-worship with His vajra. Agastya, father of the Tamil language, prevailed.

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