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Kumakatok Cover
The Kumakatok (door knockers) are a group of three robed figures that knock on doors in the middle of the night. These three mysterious hooded figures looked like humans. One resembles a young female while the other two look like old people. A visit from the kumakatok is usually an omen of death as either the eldest or the ill member of the house they knocked upon dies. These visits are also more frequent after a disease outbreak. Residences of Luzon and Visayas painted white crosses on their doors to ward off the kumakatok. This trend caused the trio to switch from residences to government buildings, hospitals, and even churches. The kumakatok vanished or lessened their visits after World War II. A probable explanation is that many buildings were destroyed at that time, denying the kumatakok of doors to knock upon. There were no accounts of anyone answering the three.

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