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Svetovid Image
Sventevith, Svetovid, Suvid, Svantevit, Svantovit, Svantov'it, Swantov'it, Sventovit, Zvantevith, 'Swietowit, 'Swiatowid, Sutvid, Vid and, incorrectly, 'Swiatowit, is the Slavic deity of war, fertility and abundance, sometimes referred to as Beli (or Byali) Vid, Beli = white, bright, shining. He always carries his sword (sometimes bow) in one hand, and in the other a drinking horn. Svetovid had a white horse which was kept in his temple and taken care of by priests. It was believed Svantevit rode this horse in battle. The horse was used for divination. Victory in battle, merchant travels and a successful harvest all depended on Svantevit. Many of modern researchers see Svetovid as a Rugian counterpart of the all-Slavic Perun common in Slavic mythology.

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