Goddess Anahita  

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ANAHITA (pronounced an-na-HEE-ta) is the Persian Goddess of water and fertility. She is an amalgamation of the ancient Iranian Goddess of the river that flows down from Mount Hara and the Babylonian mother Goddess. Anahita is usually depicted as a maiden in a golden cloak, pouring water from her holy pitcher. Her sacred animals are the dove and the peacock, and she was also the patroness of temple prostitutes. Her name means "the immaculate one", and has several variations, including: ANAHIT, ANAHITI, ANAITIS, AREDVI SURA ANAHITA, ANAHID THE LADY, ARDWISUR ANAHID, ARDWISUR THE LADY, ARDWISUR THE LADY OF THE WATERS, NAHID, HOLY SPRING, MOTHER OF SOBRIETY, HEAVENLY SPRING, WIDE EXPANDING, BENEFACTOR OF HUMANITY, and GOLDEN MOTHER.

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