Goddess Nemetona  

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NEMETONA is the Celtic Goddess of sacred groves and temples. She was worshipped in Britain, France, and Germany, where she stood guard over places of power, and could be invoked to bring her power to rituals performed there. She was depicted in a shrine at Bath in England with her consort, the Roman God Mars, and three hooded figures with a ram. The three hooded figures are the Cucullati, figures who were seen as protectors, and the ram is likely symbolic of an animal sacrifice.

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Goddess Vaivora  

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VAIVORA (pronounced vye-VOR-ah) is the Lithuanian Goddess of the planet Mercury. She is one of the daughters of Saule, Goddess of the sun.

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Goddess Nomkhubulwane  

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NOMKHUBULWANE is the Zulu Goddess of rain, nature, and fertility. She is the great Earth Mother, and she was believed to be capable of changing her shape to that of any animal, bird or fish whenever she chose. Her name means "she who chooses the state of an animal".

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