Goddess Onatha  

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ONATHA (pronounced oh-NAW-tha) is the Iroquois Goddess of wheat and the harvest. Her mother is the earth Goddess Eithinoha. One day while Onatha was out gathering dew, she was abducted by the demon Hahgwehdaetgah, who dragged her down to the underworld. Eithinoha asked the sun to help her look for her daughter, and the sun searched intensely for weeks. The heat produced by the sun freed Onatha from the underworld, and she rose from the earth like wheat. Unfortunately, the demons come back for her every year when the sun turns his back, and he must search for her again every spring. Onatha's name is also seen as ONATAH.

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Goddess Lofn  

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LOFN (pronounced LAW-ven) is the Norse Goddess of forbidden love. She is one of Frigg's handmaidens, and serves Frigg (who is the Goddess of marriage) by removing the obstacles that lovers face. She also presides over the marriage of the two that she has brought together. Lofn's name, which means "praise," is also seen as LOFNA, LOFE, and LOFUA.

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Iku-Turso ("the eternal Turso"; also known as Iku-Tursas, Iki-Tursas, Meritursas, Tursas, Turisas among others) is a malevolent sea monster in the Finnish mythology. Meritursas means octopus in Finnish, named after Iku-Turso. However, it is more common to see the word Mustekala (lit. "ink fish"), the name off its Subclass Coleoidea in finnish, for the octopus.

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Goddess Izanami  

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IZANAMI is the Shinto Goddess of creation and death. She personifes the Earth and darkness. She and her brother/husband Izanagi were the first beings on earth. When they wanted to be married, they built a pillar called Ame-no-mihashira (pillar of heaven). They walked around the pillar from opposite directions, and when they met, Izanami was the first to speak. Izanagi did not think this was proper, but they married anyway. Izanami bore two children, but they were both deformed. The Gods advised that this was because Izanami had spoken first when they met around the pillar. They tried again, and this time Izanagi spoke first. The children that followed this second union became the eight islands of the Japanese chain.

Izanami was burned to death giving birth to Kagu-Tsuchi, the incarnation of fire. In anger, Izanagi killed the child and cut his body into eight pieces, which each turned into volcanoes. Izanagi then tried to retrieve his wife from the underworld, but Izanami had already partaken of the food of the dead and could no longer leave. Izanagi did not want to leave her, but he saw that she had been claimed by death and had begun to rot. He turned and ran, barricading the entrance to the underworld. Izanami was enraged at her husband's sudden betrayal, and vowed to kill 1000 of his subjects (the living) every day. Izanagi, in return, vowed to create 1500 new subjects every day, so that there would always be more living than dead.

Izanami's name means "she who invites", and she is also known as IZANAMI-NO-MIKOTO or IZANAMI-NO-KAMI.

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