Goddess Darza Mate  

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DARZA MATE (pronounced DAR-zah MAH-teh) is the Latvian Goddess of gardens. Also seen as DARZAMAT, her name means Mother of the Garden--she is one of many Latvian mother Goddesses or Mates. Her name is used by a Polish black metal band, who honor her with such songs as "Secret Garden".

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Cailleach Bheur  

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This wonderful face of death hails from Scotland. She's a crone in appearance, tall and lean white a mane of white hair to die for. Her face and possibly all her skin is blue She is the bringer of snow and some say disease. One legend says she is reborn every Samhain, but this may be a more recent legend.

She is the protector of crones, so for goodness sake tolerate old people. She also works with modern pagans and can bring closure. You'll notice she carries stones in her apron, a staff which brings death or winter, and somtimes is called one-legged.

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