Goddess Yamuna  

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YAMUNA is the Hindu Goddess of the river Yamuna. She is the daughter of Surya, the sun God, and his wife Saranya, Goddess of the dawn and clouds. Surya and Saranya had three children--Yamuna, her twin brother Yama, and another son named Manu. Saranya could not stand the intense nature of her husband and decided to divorce him, leaving her shadow, Chaaya, as her children's step-mother. Chaaya had a son of her own with Surya, and ignored the other children. This made Yama very angry, and he threatened Chaaya. Chaaya in turn cursed Yama and even his father could not save him from the curse. He became the God of death, leaving his family to rule over the underworld. Yamuna was devastated by the loss of her brother, and she wept and wept. Her tears became the river Yamuna, and it is said that anyone who bathes in the river will be spared a painful death. Yamuna is also known as YAMI, JAMUNAJI, and YAMINI, which means "night" in Sanskrit.

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Charge Of Goddess Sekhmet  

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Charge of Goddess Sekhmet:

Listen to the words of the Sekhmet; She who of old was also called Beloved of Ra, Lady of Transformations, Opener of Ways, Shining One, and four thousand other names.

When you have need, come unto my temples and walk amongst the sacred columns. There shall I teach you the Mysteries and the ways of all magic. There shall I give unto you that which is hidden from those who do not seek in truth. I am the Way and I am the Key to the secret door. My paths are perilous and those who tread them do so in dread and joy. For I am the Creator and the Destroyer. I am the Weigher of Souls and I know all that lies in your heart. I will ask of you sacrifice, I shall demand of you truth, I shall strip you of all weakness and pretense. And I shall give unto you immortality.

Hear ye the words of Sekhmet; before whose wrath even the Gods tremble, whose light is the blazing sun, and whose arrows lay waste the foes of Pharaoh.

I who am the black earth, the Sun in its glory, and the miracle of the waters; I who bring passion and desire in the heart of man; I do call unto you. Arise and come to me. For I am the floods that bring life from the desert, and I am She who bears your soul to Ma’at at life’s ending. I gave birth to the oldest Gods, and I was there when mankind was formed from the mud of the Nile. Let my worship be in the heart that trembles before me, for I am the Overcomer of All Enemies and my ways are open only to the pure in heart and the strong of spirit. Know that I am with you always, from your coming in until your going forth. And lo, I shall be beside you in the Boat of Millions of Years as your soul reaches the undying lands and joins me forever.

About Goddess Sekhmet:

Literally translated, her name means 'Mighty One' or 'She who is Powerful' (sekhem means 'might' or 'power' and the -et is a feminine suffix). She is the daughter of the God Re/Ra and is one of the many Goddesses in Egyptian myth to be considered a manifestation of His Eye. Re's left Eye was said to represent the moon while His right Eye represented the sun, hence the particular markings around Sekhmet's right eye which also refers to her role as a predominantly solar Goddess.

In the mythic days of Egyptian history, Re Himself ruled as pharaoh for a time, and as He ruled for many years in human form, He, like humans, began to age. The people of Egypt commented on his frailty, noticed his weakening body, and some of them began to plot against Him, thinking Him no longer fit to rule in such a vulernable state. Egypt's people became corrupt with scheming, and although the people thought Re old and senile, He could not help but notice how fiendlike and greedy His people had become. Mournfully, Re decided that action had to be taken, and so He created the Goddess Sekhmet to destroy humanity. The Goddess took the form of a huge lioness and did as She was created to do. Sekhmet's bloodlust grew as She ravanged the country, devouring those who had evil intentions, Her desire for destruction growing even beyond Re's imaginings. In Her fury, She began devouring even those who were not corrupt. Re saw this and felt sorry for humanity, determined that the destruction must now come to a halt, but Re Himself was not powerful enough to stop by force what He had created. And so He devised a clever trick: He had seven thousand barrels of beer dyed the color of blood and drained on a field for Sekhmet to see. Drawn to the expanse of of blood, Sekhmet came and drank all of it from the land, leaving Her drunk and satiated. It was then that Re transformed Her into the Goddess Het-heru/Hathor, a Deity of love, merriment, joy, and sexuality.


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