Goddess Awaeh Yegendji  

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AWAEH YEGENDJI is an Iroquois Goddess known as MOTHER SWAN. She is a wise old crone who lives in the forest with her three beautiful daughters. Worried that she will have no one to care for her in her old age, she urges her daughters to seek worthy mates. All three attempt to seduce Big Earth's son, and he eventually chooses both the eldest and the youngest to be his wives.

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Goddess Bat  

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BAT is the Egyptian cow Goddess of fertility, also called BATA. Her name means "female spirit" or "female power." She is depicted in human form with the ears and horns of a cow, which grow from her temples rather than the top of her head, and face inward (in contrast to the horns of the cow Goddess Hathor, which face outward). In some depictions, her ears take the form of stars and there are stars attached to the tips of her horns and the top of her head, symbolic of her role as the celestial cow, giver of life through her milk.

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