Goddess Gn  

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GN'a (pronounced NYA) is the Norse Goddess of the breeze. She is one of Frigg's handmaidens, and acts as her messenger and scout. Her horse, H'ofvarpnir (Hoof-thrower), is able to run across air and water, carrying Gn'a to her destinations. On one of her journeys, Gn'a came across a king who was in despair over his lack of an heir. She reported this back to Frigg, along with the fact that the king had always been a faithful worshipper, making offerings of fruit to the Gods. Frigg gave Gn'a a magical apple to take back to the king. When Gn'a returned to where she had seen the king, she transformed into a crow and perched in the tree above him. She dropped the apple down, and the king, realizing it was a gift from the Gods, took it home for his wife to eat. In answer to their prayers, she became pregnant and bore a son to carry on the family name. The son, Volsung, became a great hero, immortalized in the Volsunga Saga. Gn'a's name, which means "to fly high," is also seen as GNAA or LJOD.

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Old Woman Of The Sea  

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OLD WOMAN OF THE SEA is the Salinan Goddess of water, particularly the ocean and its power. The Salinan tribes of California told a flood story as follows: At the beginning of the world, Eagle was chief among the animals. Old Woman of the Sea was jealous of his power and plotted against him. One day, she came on to the land with her basket, which held the sea. She poured the water out, covering almost all of the land--everything was covered except for the top of one mountain, where all the animals gathered. Eagle asked Puma to give him some of his whiskers, from which he made a lariat. Eagle lassoed the basket away from Old Woman of the Sea. Without her basket, Old Woman of the Sea died and the water stopped rising. Eagle then had Kingfisher dive down into the water and fetch some mud, from which he formed the world. Eagle then formed humans out of elderberry branches; when he breathed on them, they came to life and became the Salinan people.

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