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The VALKYRIES (pronounced VAL-kir-ees) are the Norse Goddesses who choose which warriors will go to Valhalla when they are slain. The name Valkyries means "choosers of the slain", and these beautiful women rode on winged horses to battlefields, where they would choose the bravest of the dead warriors and bring them to join Odin's army in Valhalla. The Valkyries wore armor and carried spears, and their armor gives off a glow that flashes through the northern sky as the Aurora Borealis or Northern Lights.

Various individual Valkyries are listed in mythology, some with translations of their names:

ALVITR (all-white)

BRYNNHILDR (mailcoat of battle)

FRIAGABI (giver of freedom)

GEIRAH"od (battle of spears)





GJ"oLL (battle cry)

G"oNDUL (spear thrust)

GRIMHILDR (mask of battle)

GUdR (sword stroke)

GUdR'uN (battle-rune)

GUNNR (battle)

HERFJ"oTUR (war-fetter)


HILDEBERG (battle fortress)

HILDEGUND (battle war)

HILDR (battle)


HJ"oRthRIMUL (battle of swords)

HL"oKK (din of battle)

HRIST (shaker)





"OLR'uN (knower of the mysteries of ale)

R'adGR'idR (counsel of peace)

RANDGR'i-dR (shield of peace)

REGINLEIF (heritage of the gods)

R'oTA (she who causes turmoil)

SANNGR'idR (swift stroke)

SIGRDR'iFA (she who drives victory)

SIGR'uN (knower of mysteries of victory)


SKEGGJ"oLD (wearing a war axe)

SK"oGUL (raging)

SKULD (she who is becoming)

SV'aFA (Suebian)



SVIPUL (storm)



^IR'udR (power)

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The name of an Indo-European god of thunder and/or the oak may be reconstructed as *perkunos or *perkunos. Another name for the thunder god contains an onomatopoeic root *tar-, continued in Gaulish Taranis and Hittite Tarhunt. Germanic *Thunraz (Thor) is from a stem *(s)tene- "thunder".

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