The Pythian Apollo  

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The Pythian Apollo Image
Apollo, the twin brother of Diana, was the son of Jupiter and Latona. Apollo was fully adult at the time of his birth. He was considered to be the first physician and the inventor of music and song. The Greeks also acclaimed him to be the father of the bow and arrow.

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Goddess Sarpanit  

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Goddess Sarpanit Image
SARPANIT is the Babylonian Goddess of pregnancy. As the consort of Marduk, God of the sun, she is later associated with the moon, as well as all of nature after Marduk rises to prominence. With this change, her name was also changed to reflect her new status--while Sarpanit means "the shining lady," her new name, Zerbanit, means "she who brings forth the seed." Sarpanit was also associated with water, which she inherited when the Goddess Erua, also a Goddess of pregnancy, was incorporated into her persona. Sarpanit's name is also seen as SARPANITU, SARPANITUM, ZERBANIT, ZIRBANIT, ZERPANIT, ZARPANIT, ZARPANITU, and ZARPANITUM, and epithets for her include "LADY OF THE ABYSS, LADY OF THE DEEP, VOICE OF THE DEEP," and "MISTRESS OF THE PLACE WHERE THE FISH DWELL."

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Goddess Habetrot  

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HABETROT is the Celtic Goddess of spinning and healing. She is able to spin wool into garments in an instant, and the clothes that she makes give the wearer immunity from all disease. In fairy tales, she is depicted with an extended lower lip, which she got from wetting the wool as she spun it.

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