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Pancika Cover
Pa~ncika was the consort of the Buddhist goddess of children, Hariti. He is himself a Buddhist god, and is said to have fathered 500 children. He was the commander-in-chief of the Yaka army of Vai'sravaa (Bishamonten), and had another 27 Yaka generals under his orders. Pa~ncika was often represented holding a lance and a bag of jewels (or money), together with Hariti, in the Greco-Buddhist art of Gandhara, where they illustrated marital love following the intervention of the Buddha. The two figures "were very popular in Gandhara in the latter part of the second century, and their statues are many. " When depicted holding a spear, he also signals his role as the chief of the Yakas. The Yakas are commanded by 28 generals, of whom the chief is Pa~ncika - according to the Mahavamsa, he was the father of the 500 sons of Hariti [Kishimojin Kishimojin]. Worshipped very early in India (some of his representations are found in Gandhara and in northern India) as well as in Java, this general of the Yakas was soon merged with Vai'sravaa.

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