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ANNAPURNA is the Hindu Goddess of food and nourishment. An avatar of Parvati, she has the ability to provide as much food as is necessary to as many as people as necessary. Shiva asked her to come to earth in response to a food shortage, and she is often shown with Shiva begging food from her. Her name, which means "full of food," is also seen as ANNAPOORNA, and the Annapurna Stotram lists 108 of her names:

ANNAPURNA (she who is full, complete, and perfect with food and grains)

SIVA (she who is the energy of the Consciousness of Infinite Goodness)

DEVI (she who is the Goddess)

BHIMA (she who is terribly fearful)

PUSTIRA (she who gives nourishment)

SARSVATI (she who is eternal)

SARVAJNA (she who knows all)

PARVATI (she who is the daughter of the mountain)

DURGA (she who is the reliever of difficulties)

SARVANI (she who belongs to all)

SIVAVALLABHA (she who is the strength of Shiva)

VEDAVEDYA (she who knows all knowledge)

MAHAVIDYA (she who is the great knowledge)

VIDYADATRI (she who is the grantor of knowledge)

VISARADA (she who is mature)

KUMARI (she who is the ever pure one)

TRIPURA (she who dwells in the three cities)

BALA (she who is strength)

LAKSHMI (she who is the ultimate goal)

SRIR (she who is respect)

BHAYAHARINI (she who takes away all fear)

BHAVANI (she who is manifested existence)

VISNUJANANI (she who is the mother of Vishnu)

BRAHMADIJANANITATHA (she who is the mother of Brahma and the other Gods)

GANESAJANANI (she who is the mother of Ganesha)

SAKTIH (she who is energy)

KUMARAJANANI (she who is the mother of Kartikeya)

SUBHA (she who is pure)

BHOGAPRADA (she who gives enjoyment)

BHAGAVATI (she who is the supreme Goddess)

BHAKTABHISHTAPRADAYINI (she who gives the desired result to devotees)

BHAVAROGAHARA (she who takes away all disease from the world)

BHAVYA (she who is the attitude of being)

SUBHRA (she who manifests purity)

PARAMAMANGALA (she who is the supreme welfare)

BHAVANI (she who is being)

CANCALA (she who is restless)

GAURI (she who is rays of light)

CARUCANDRAKALADHARA (she who supports the attributes of the dark moon)

DHISMALAKSI (she who has big eyes)

VISVAMATA (she who is mother of the universe)

VISVAVANDYA (she who is praised by the universe)

VILASINI (she who is desired)

ARYA (she who is purified by knowledge)

KASTHANANILAYA (she who rests in welfare)

RUDRANA (she who takes away the tears)

KAMALASANA (she who sits upon a lotus)

SUBHAPRADA (she who grants purity)

SUBHAVARTA (she who distributes purity)

VRTTAPINAPAYODHARA (she who shows swelling breasts overflowing with milk)

AMBA (she who is the mother)

SAMHARAMATHANI (she who churns the ocean of objects and relationships)

MRDANI (she who is compassionate)

SARVAMANGALA (she who is all welfare)

VISNUSAMSEVITA (she who is served by Vishnu)

SIDDHA (she who has attainment)

BRAHMANI (she who is the creative energy)

SURASEVITA (she who is served by the Gods)

PARAMANANDADA (she who gives the supreme bliss)

SANTIH (she who is peace)

PARAMANANDARUPINI (she who is the intrinsic nature of the supreme bliss)

PARAMANANDAJANANI (she who is the mother of the supreme bliss)

PARANANDA (she who is the giver of bliss)

PRADAYINI (she who is an outsider)

PAROPAKARANIRATA (she who is always benefiting others)

PARAMABHAKTA (she who is the supreme manifestation)

VATSALA (she who is a pure devotee)

PURNACANDRABHAVADANA (she who is radiance of the full moon over existence)

PURNACANDRANIBHAMSUKA (she who is the pure reflection of the full moon)

SUBHALAKSANASAMPANNA (she who displays all of the pure characteristics)

SUBHANANDAGUNARNAVA (she who contains the ocean of purely blissful qualities)

SUBHASAUBHAGYANILAYA (she who reposes in purely good fortune)

SUBHADA (she who is the giver of purity)

RATIPRIYA (she who is the beloved of spring)

CANDIKA (she who tears apart all thought)

CANDAMATHANI (she who destroys passion)

CANDADARPANIVARINI (she who destroys the pride of passion)

MARTANDANAYANA (she who is the eyes of the sun)

SADHVI (she who manifests truth and efficiency)

CANDRAGNINAYANA (she whose two eyes are the moon and fire)

SATI (she who is true existence)

PUNDARIKAHARA (she who is the cause of Vishnu)

PURNA (she who is full, complete, and perfect)

PUNYADA (she who is the giver of merit)

PUNYARUPINI (she who is the intrinsic nature of merit)

MAYATITA (she who is beyond maya)

SRESTAMAYA (she who is the ultimate illusion)

SRESTADHARMA (she who is the ultimate ideal of perfection)

TMAVANDITA (she who is the praise of the soul)

ASRSTIRA (she who is not created)

SANGARAHITA (she who brings all together in unity)

SRSTIHETU (she who motivates the creation)

KAPARDINI (she who holds a skull)

VRSARUDHA (she who sits upon a bull)

SULAHASTA (she who holds a spear in her hand)

STHITISAMHARAKARINI (she who is the cause of creation and dissolution)

MANDASMITA (she who limits laziness)

SKANDAMATA (she who is the mother of Kartikeya)

SUDDHACITTA (she who is pure consciousness)

MUNISTUTA (she who is praised by the wise)

MAHABHAGAVATI (she who is the great supreme Goddess)

DAKSA (she who has ability)

DAKSADHVARAVINASINI (she who destroyed the activities performed by Daksha)

SARVARTHADATRI (she who is the creator of all objects)

SAVITRI (she who is the daughter of the light)

SADASIVAKUTUMBINI (she who is the family of the Pure Consciousness of Infinite Goodness)

NITYASUNDARASARVANGI (she whose every limb is eternally beautiful)

SACCIDANANDALAKSANA (she who has the character of pure existence, consciousness, and bliss)

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