Goddess Sigyn  

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SIGYN (pronounced SEEG-in) is the Norse Goddess of fidelity and devotion. She is the wife of Loki, and she watches over him in his captivity. After Loki orchestrated the death of the God Baldr, the Gods captured him and his two sons by Sigyn, V'ali and Narfi. V'ali was transformed into a wolf, and he then turned on his brother and killed him. The Gods then used Narfi's intestines to bind Loki to three rocks, and the Goddess Skadi places a poisonous snake over his head. The venom from the snake drips down towards Loki, but Sigyn catches it in a bowl to save him. When the bowl is full, she must turn away to empty it, and the drops that fall on Loki cause him such pain that he thrashes violently, resulting in great earthquakes. Loki remains bound with Sigyn by his side until Ragnar"ok, the Twilight of the Gods. Sigyn's name, which means "victorious girlfriend," is also seen as SIGNY or SIGUNA.

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Goddess Meskhenet  

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MESKHENET is the Egyptian Goddess of the birthing chamber. In addition to Hathor and Taweret, Meskhenet attended at births, protecting the area and also helping to determine the child's destiny. She participated in the judgment of the dead, testifying to the character of the deceased and then assisting in their rebirth into the afterlife. In this role, she was often shown in the presence of Renenutet, another Goddess of fate, and Shai, God of destiny. She is depicted either as a woman with a headdress that symbolized the two-horned uterus of a cow, or as a woman's head on a large brick (which Egyptian women squatted on to give birth). Variations of her name, which means "birthing place," include MESENET, MESKHENT, and MESHKENT.

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Goddess Roma  

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ROMA is the Roman Goddess of the city of Rome. Temples to her were established in many Roman colonies to cement the relationship of the colony with the authority of Rome. A temple next to the Colosseum was shared by Roma and Venus--the temple consisted of two back-to-back chambers, with a statue of one of the Goddesses in each. Roma's depiction is usually quite similar to that of Minerva, wearing a helmet and carrying a spear or a sword and a shield, but she is often shown seated on a throne. One of her epithets was ROMA AETERNA (Eternal Rome).

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Goddess Tuulikki  

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TUULIKKI (pronounced TOO-le-kee) is the Finnish Goddess of forest creatures, daughter of Mielikki and Tapio. Her name means "little wind," and she plays a role very similar to that of her mother. Both Tuulikki and Mielikki were asked to help hunters in finding game, and Tuulikki also protected breeding animals, ensuring a continued supply.

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