Goddess Hsi Wang Mu  

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Goddess Hsi Wang Mu Image
HSI WANG MU is the Chinese Goddess of immortality. In her magic orchard, she grows peaches whose fragrance can be smelled from miles away. The fragrance has the power to bring peace to those who smell it. One of Hsi Wang Mu's peach trees only bears fruit every 3000 years, and these peaches (which take another 3000 years to ripen) grant immortality. When they are ready, Hsi Wang Mu invites all of the Gods to share her peaches, renewing their spirits.

Hsi Wang Mu is also the personification of the concept of yin; her husband Mu Kung is the embodiment of yang. She was formed from the Western Air, he from the Eastern, and together they created all things. They live with the other immortals in a magnificent palace made of jade, surrounded by a wall of gold. Hsi Wang Mu is attended by the Jade Maidens, and keeps cranes, peacocks, and a phoenix. Her name is also seen as XI WANG MU or SI WANG MU, and her titles include SPIRIT MOTHER OF THE WEST, LADY QUEEN OF THE WEST, QUEEN MOTHER OF THE WEST, MOTHER OF THE GOLDEN TORTOISE, GOLDEN MOTHER OF THE SHINING LAKE, and QUEEN OF THE HEAVENS.

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