Goddess Angrboda  

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Goddess Angrboda Image
ANGRBODA is the Norse Goddess known as the MOTHER OF MONSTERS. She is a frost giantess and the mistress of the trickster God Loki. With him, she is the mother of three legendary monsters--Fenrir, a gigantic wolf; J"ormungandr, also known as the Midgard Serpent or the World Serpent; and Hel, Goddess of the dead. A prophecy had told Odin that the children of Angrboda and Loki would bring trouble to the Gods, so he had the three brought to him. He cast Hel into Niflheim, the realm of cold and darkness, and gave her dominion over the underworld. The serpent J"ormungandr was cast into the sea, where he grew so big that he could encircle the whole world and swallow his own tail. The wolf Fenrir was raised by the Gods until he grew too large to be controlled, at which point they chained him to an island. Angrboda's name means "herald of sorrow" and is also seen as ANGRBOdA, ANGERBODA, or AUGURBODA.

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