Tloque Nahuaque  

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Tloque Nahuaque Image
In Aztec mythology, Tloquenahuaque (or Tloque Nuhaque) was a creator god or ruler, the creator of the first pair of humans, and the ruler of the first four ages of the world. He is primarily a god of mystery and the unknown. No surviving depictions of him are known to exist.

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Goddess Matangi  

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Goddess Matangi Image
MATANGI is the Hindu Goddess of inner thought. She is one of the Mahavidyas, the wisdom Goddesses. She has dominion over the throat chakra, and therefore the spoken word as well. Matangi is the dark form of the Goddess Sarasvati, Goddess of knowledge, and as such she presides over the more mystic inner kind of knowledge. She is depicted with dark green skin and three eyes, and she holds a parrot and a veena (the same musical instrument as Sarasvati).

Matangi is also referred to as the Goddess who loves pollution. This strange epithet comes from one story of her origin. Vishnu and Lakshmi had gone to visit Shiva and Parvati, bringing with them various foods. Some of the food fell to the floor, and from the pieces there arose a maiden, who asked for the leftovers. Shiva told her that whoever worshipped her would be very successful, and named her UCCISHTHA-MATANGINI. Leftover food is considered to be polluted in Hinduism, and thus her epithet.

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